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Scholar, '22



Scholar, '22



Scholar, '22

Abranet was always very intimidated by the college preparation process but Green Halo Scholars made her “feel super calm and way ahead of the game.” With the help of her mentor she was able to finish her college applications quickly and move straight into applications for scholarship much earlier than many of her peers.

“Towards the end of my junior year I was both excited and very stressed to begin my college application process. Green Halo reached out and with the help of my mentor and everyone else involved with Green Halo I was given a clear scope of what I needed to do and by when. Currently I have been accepted to every college I applied to and am only waiting on UIUC. I'm especially excited about being admitted to Purdues School of Nursing. I am extremely thankful for Green Halo and everyone involved.” 

When we reached out to Nubia, this is what she had to say: “At the beginning, college as a whole was intimidating, but my mentors at Green Halo guided me through everything. I have now applied to 19 colleges, with most acceptances as of now. I am currently being helped with scholarships and am very grateful for my mentors and everyone on the Green Halo team who have made me feel confident in my college finding process.”