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September 2019 Newsletter

Update on our 2020 Scholars

Our Green Halo Scholars Class of 2020 have had a busy summer! These rising high school seniors have started working on narrowing their college choices, personal essays, and college applications, and some are studying to retake the ACT/SAT in the fall. All are getting ready for the Onsite Forum on October 22, 2019, at Navy Pier! It is certainly an exciting and busy time.

We have partnered with A+ Tutoring in Countryside for a second year. They have been extremely generous with their time by volunteering to coach our scholars, teaching them skills that will help them improve their college admissions exam scores which in turn will open up more opportunities for college choices and financial assistance. This year, we have additionally partnered with College Bound Consulting in Hinsdale, where they are also donating their time and resources to support our scholars with their college application process. We are beyond thankful to A+ and College Bound Consulting for their generosity!

Update on our 2019 Scholars

Our Green Halo Scholars Class of 2019 have finally begun their freshman year in college, and we are committed to supporting them through the next four years to come. We wish them all success as they navigate this exciting new phase in life! Be Amazing, Green Halo Scholars!!

Update on our 2018 Scholars

Our Green Halo Scholars Class of 2018 are now sophomores in college! Not only are they adjusting to college life, but they are truly thriving as they continue to pursue research, find paid internships, maintain their GPA’s, and make lifelong friendships!

As we look forward, we remain ever focused and determined to continue the mission and driving purpose of our foundation— to work in partnership with high schools and colleges in supporting self-motivated, underserved, low-income, and first generation students to apply, attend, and succeed in college as they become the inspirational leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement!


Vandana & Sally

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