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May - June 2019 Newsletter

Update on our Green Halo Scholars 2019

Our 2019 scholars have done it! They surpassed all expectations! Tysherra Ohikhuare was not only accepted into the University of Rochester, she qualified for over $60,000 in financial aid (annually) and was awarded the Ruth Schoenbeck Scholarship, $10,000.00 per year! She will be attending college and graduating debt free. Anahi Soto was accepted into the University of Illinois, Chicago and was awarded $11,000.00 in financial aid (annually) and she was also awarded the Ruth Schoenbeck scholarship ($10,000.00 annually). She too will be attending college and graduating debt free. Jaylen Evans will also be attending the University of Illinois, Chicago where he received over $14,000.00 in financial aid.Christian Palomeres, was accepted into Bradley University and awarded $34,000.00 in financial aid, with this his dream of attending college is now a reality. Perhaps the most exciting news is that the average financial gap, the amount that each student is committed to fund on his or her own outside of scholarships and aid received, will be $2,473 for our Scholars! They worked very hard to make it happen, through scholarship essays, improving test scores and their challenging high school curriculum. To say that they make us proud would be a gross understatement!

Update on our Green Halo Scholars 2018

Our 2018 scholars have all successfully completed their freshman year at The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Western Illinois University, Michigan State University, Elmhurst College and Triton. They are now ready to tackle their sophomore year. This year we at Green Halo Scholars have partnered with Chicago Scholar’s Emerge program and worked together to offer summer internship opportunities to our 2018 scholars!

Varun Mark Memorial Scholarship 2019

We awarded the Varun Mark Bahl Memorial Scholarship to a very deserving young lady on May 23rd, 2019 at the Senior Awards Ceremony at Hinsdale South High School. We wish her all success in college and beyond!

Update on our Green Halo Scholars 2020

We are now working with rising seniors for our Green Halo Scholars Class of 2020. This year, we are working with academically motivated seniors from Hinsdale South, Proviso East, Proviso Math & Science, Proviso West, and Bolingbrook High School. This will be our largest class of scholars yet, as the Green Halo family has grown to include five high schools in the western suburbs and thirty-five deserving students (we’ve doubled in size!). We will be meeting with the scholars over summer break and offering support and guidance to the students with their college choices, financial aid applications, college essays, and any and all questions or concerns that arise as they look to finish high school and continue on to college.

As we look forward, we remain ever focused and determined to continue the mission and driving purpose of our foundation—to support underserved students from the Chicago suburbs with completing the college application process, exploring financial aid and scholarships, and planning for their future successes as they begin their college academic careers.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement!


Sally & Vandana

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