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August 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The 2019-2020 school year has ended despite all the challenges

and our Green Halo Scholars accomplished another successful year!

We were able to support a total of 22 students in achieving their college goals.

They surpassed all expectations, all together our scholars have thus far received over $400,000.00 in financial assistance! 


Our scholars have chosen to attend colleges in Illinois, Washington DC, Maine, Indiana, Arizona, Ohio & Wisconsin! Nine of our students have received full rides. They've worked very hard to make it happen, through scholarship essays, improving test scores, and excelling in their challenging high school curriculum. 

Check out our new scholars HERE.


We are now working with rising seniors for our Green Halo Scholars Class of 2021. As in the years past, we will be working with academically motivated seniors from Bolingbrook, Hinsdale South, Proviso East, Proviso Math & Science, Proviso West, and Bolingbrook High Schools. 


After three years of seeing how some of our scholars would get so close to the finish line and then have to make the gut wrenching decision to not attend the college that was the best for them due to lack of funds, we are working this year to establish a new scholarship geared specifically towards helping those of our scholars bridge the cost of attendance gap and calling it aptly, or so we feel, the ‘Bridge The Gap” scholarship!  The gap that we hope to fill is what is left after all the institutional aid, grants, scholarships, federal loans are applied to the cost of attendance.  The cost of attendance includes tuition and mandatory fees, housing and meals, books and supplies, personal expenses, transportation and loan fees.


We are thankful for our partnership with the Hinsdale Junior Women’s Club who awarded Green Halo Scholars a $9,500 grant!

We would also like to thank Nurturing Wisdom, Village Tutors, College Bound Consulting, and A Plus Tutoring for providing free or discounted services to all our scholars.

Additionally, we are thankful to our partnership with The Community House for providing us a meeting place.

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