A + Tutoring in Countryside, IL became an invaluable Green Halo partner  in 2018. Pablo Ortega, the founder, and the A+  Tutoring team have provided full packages of free ACT tutoring to our Emerald Scholars. This generosity has helped our scholars improve their test scores thereby opening doors to universities otherwise excluded as well as to additional scholarships to defray college tuition expenses. 


The Village Tutors in Hinsdale, IL founder Suzanne Petree,  and her staff began donating their time and services to our scholars in 2018 by matching our scholars with a tutor who would provide the best support, guiding them with different aspects of the college application process including test tutoring, essay writing, and college selection. 

Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. in Hoffman Estates, IL and Green Halo Scholars formed a partnership in 2019 to kick off a summer internship program through our collaboration with Chicago Scholars, thus creating an amazing opportunity for our students currently enrolled in college to provide them with professional experiences through a paid internship position and continuous professional development sessions.

The Community House in Hinsdale, IL and Green Halo Scholars formed a strategic partnership in October 2019. The driving purpose of the two organizations meets at the intersection of the educational needs of the self-motivated underserved student body at the local community high schools and their desire to see these scholars get into and successfully complete college to become inspirational community leaders tomorrow.

College Bound Consulting in Hinsdale, IL  and Green Halo Scholars formed a partnership in 2019.  College Bound Consulting volunteered their time by hosting two free workshop sessions for our Hinsdale South High School scholars. The first workshop focused on essay writing for college applications and the second on the Common App.  process. Both were invaluable resources for our scholars, levelling the playing field and getting them another step closer to a college degree.

Green Halo has formed a partnership with Nurturing Wisdom, a one on one tutoring company in Hinsdale, IL. They have generously agreed to tutor for the ACT test for 10 Green Halo Scholars from Hinsdale South, Class of 2021. They will be working with the Scholars starting in January, 2021 and will continue through the Spring with 16 sessions.


The Women of Hinsdale Junior Women's Clu believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world. Their donation of $9,500 has had an incredible impact on the lives of our students.

We are so grateful for their support.